Upgrade to Replication Server version 15

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Below are the steps to follow when you want to upgrade a replication server to version 15. Some of it is fairly high-level but should be self-explanatory.

Upgrade the RSSD database, start with the ID server.

  • Install the new software for replication server version 15 on your system. Put it in a new directory.
  • Generate a license key (through sybase.subscribenet.com) and store it in the SYSAM-2_0/licences directory.
  • Run "rs_helpsub" from the rssd database to verify that all subscriptions are valid. The status only needs to be Valid at the replicate replication server.
  • Copy the interfaces file (or sql.ini) from the pre version 15 to the version 15 installation.
  • Log on the RSSD server and grant the primary user the sa_role "grant role sa_role to <username>". You can determine the name of the primary user by looking into the configuration file, at the keyword RSSD_primary_user.
  • Log on to the replication server and run "admin health" to see if everything is ok.
  • Leave repserver running.
  • Set the environment variable SYBASE to the new installation directory
  • Set the environment variable SYBASE_REP to REP-15_0
  • Start $SYBASE/$SYBASE_REP/install/rs_init (rs_init)
  • Select "Configure a Server product" -> "Replication server" -> "Upgrade an existing replication server".
  • Answer all the questions. The configuration file should be the path and filename of the old config file.
  • Do Ctrl-A to start.

After a succesfull upgrade

  • Copy the runserver file to it's new location. Make sure you pick up the new version 15 executable with it.
  • Fix or copy any other files (site dependant but think of things like the configuration file, and the startserver executable)
  • Log on the RSSD server and revoke the primary user the sa_role (revoke role sa_role from <username>).
  • Start the version 15 replication server
  • Log on to repserver and check the version with "admin version".

Upgrade any other RSSD databases in the domain.

Just follow the steps described above.

Upgrade the primary, replicate and standby user databases in the domain

  • Start $SYBASE/$SYBASE_REP/install/rs_init (rs_init)
  • Select "Configure a Server product" -> "Replication server" -> "Upgrade an existing database in the replication system".
  • Answers all the questions
  • Do Ctrl-A to start.

Update version numbers

N.B. Even when you are using replication server 15.0.1 the version number should be set to 1500.

Important: This document describes the upgrade procedure only briefly. Make sure you inderstand the implications of your actions before doing anything. Further reading.