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When you run srvbuildres some common errors can occur.

Unable to boot server

Task failed
Unable to boot server 'ASE1'.  
Server 'ASE1' was not created.

This is what you should do:

Look at the last lines of the errorlog created by srvbuildres. If you do not know where the errorlog is, it's the filename that you specified in the resource file for srvbuildres. For instance:

sqlsrv.errorlog: /opt/sybase/admin/ASE1/errorlog

The end of the errorlog file will most likely look something like this:

kernel  os_create_region: can't allocate 58456064 bytes
kernel  kbcreate: couldn't create kernel region.
kernel  kistartup: could not create shared memory
kernel  The configuration area in device '/var/sybase/ASE1/master.dat' appears to be corrupt. The server cannot continue and will shut down.

When you spot the message "kistartup: could not create shared memory" it means that you did not configure your system to use more that 55 Mb of shared memory. Reconfigure that parameter and try again. See Installation guidelines ASE for instructions how to do this.

Unable to find SQL file to run optimization task

When creating a new Sybase server and you have set do_optimize_config to yes in the resource file

sqlsrv.do_optimize_config: yes

You may get these errors

Optimizing server configuration...
Unable to find SQL file to run optimization task.
Task failed

To optimize your server you can run the script located in $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE/bin. Example:


Then specify the requested values. When done, a list of commands is shown that can be used to optimize your server.

Failed to add entry to interfaces file

Building Adaptive Server 'ASE1':
Writing entry into directory services...
Task failed
Failed to add entry to interfaces file for `ASE1', snlpskcm, tcp, 5000.  
Server 'ASE1' was not created.

For ASE 15.0.2 ESD 2 an error has been spotted when you run srvbuildres and there is no interfaces file present in the release directory. There are two solutions for this:

  • 1. Create an empty interfaces file before starting srvbuildres
  • 2. Restart srvbuildres again, the second time it will work.