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Toad for Data Analysis is a new tool from Quest Software ( targeted at data analysts. It supports Sybase ASE versions 12.x and above, including 15.0. Other Sybase products that support ODBC connectivity are supported as well.

Main features are:

  • Database browser – View column information, table data, table properties, primary keys, foreign keys, indexes, constraints and triggers. See screenshot below.
  • Editor – Syntax highlighted SQL with Code Insight, Code Snippets and explain plan. See screenshot below.
  • Query Builder. See screenshot below.
  • Object Search – Find database objects by name.
  • ER Diagram. See screenshot below.
  • Export Wizard – Export data in various formats.
  • Automation – Automate SQL tasks.
  • Reports – Report generation and creation.

Other DBMS support: Oracle, MySQL, SQLServer, DB2 and any platform accessible via ODBC.

Beta download:

Some screenshots: