Translate tli entries in interfaces file to tcp

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On Sun systems the interfaces file might contain entries that look like this:

 query tli tcp /dev/tcp \x000213880a3ee71c0000000000000000
 master tli tcp /dev/tcp \x000213880a3ee71c0000000000000000

In the old days this was the way to define an entry in the interfaces file. To translate these to the usual non-hex notation follow this simple method:

  • Take the hex-number from the 5th position to the 8th. In this case the number is 1388. Use your favorite calculator to convert it to decimal. The output should be 5000. That's the port number.
  • To determine the IP-address take the next 4 pieces of 2 bytes. In this case 0A, 3E, E7 and 1C. Convert it into decimal, the result should be 10, 62, 231 and 28. These 4 numbers are the IP address:
  • Use nslookup (or dig) to get the hostname.

The new entry in the interfaces file should then be:

 query tcp ether <hostname> 5000
 master tcp ether <hostname> 5000